Replacing and Upgrading Your Water Heater


Whether you are building a house and are shopping for a water heater or upgrading your current one, there are plenty of factors to decide on. Call the experts at Able Plumbing to both help you install your new water heater and answer questions and concerns you may have regarding purchasing one. We have years of experience helping customers in Santa Clara County deal with plumbing, electrical, and water heater issues. Call us to get started on investing in a new water heater today.

New Water Heater Checklist

There are many different points to consider when shopping for a new water heater.

  • How many people are there in your household? More residents mean you are using more hot water at a higher rate. If you only have two people living in your home, you may only need a 30-40 gallon water heater. Larger families such as five or more require larger capacity heaters up to 50-80 gallon sizes.
  • What kind of available space do you have to install the water heater? When you are anticipating the area you have to install your new heater, check to make sure you have enough space. Be sure to measure especially if you are upgrading to a larger water heater. In the event that your space is not large enough to fit the new heater, you may need to run pipes and plumbing to a new area. Fortunately, we are more than able to help you with these issues should they arise. Chances are, your existing water heater is in an optimal position, however, it is worth considering moving in order to maximize efficiency.  
  • How much of a demand do you have for hot water? Heaters come in different sizes with varying recovery rates. This number tells the number of gallons of water the unit can heat in an hour. If your household needs more continuous hot water, you will want to invest in a water heater with a higher recovery rate.
  • Operational costs and efficiency. Purchasing or upgrading your water heater is an investment. You should consider how efficient your new heater will be and how it will affect your monthly power and water bills. Since technology is exponentially improving, most new water heaters will be far superior to dated models in terms of efficiency and operational costs.
  • Types of energy used. Water heaters can be powered by liquid propane, natural gas, and electricity. Check with your home’s available resources and hookups to see which model heater you will need.
water heater - 100 gallon installation

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