A simple septic system inspection may save the homeowner a great deal of time and money.  This service is most commonly used by the home buyer before purchasing a new home.
A properly conducted septic inspection ensures that the system is working properly and reduces the chances of a dangerous and / or costly surprise to the new homeowner.
A visual septic inspection may be able to determine the status of a septic system beyond what the average homeowner may be able to conclude.  We ask that the lid of the tank be exposed when we come to inspect the system and that there be running water in the house so we can observe the flow through the tank.
The inspection consists of visual scan of the inside of the tank to make sure that the liquids are flowing into the tank and out to the leach fields properly without restriction.
We check to make sure that the baffles are intact, and the sludge level is observed to ensure the tank has been maintained properly in the past.

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